Sunday, April 27, 2008

GEEEZ.....Where have I been??????

I know, I know...I haven't updated in a while and believe me KB let me know it tonight! Update since I've been life is boring so nothing happened (DUH!) No honestly, let's see...of course a couple of weekends ago, I worked at the CK (Creating Keepsakes) show in Collinsville. Man o' man are there a LOTTT of women crazy about scrapbooking. The weekend is a blur for the most part. The good thing is, BL let us wear Cardinal PJ pants to work in. (I really think that should be the new dress code at SBF! *gigglesnort* )

Hmm, what else has happened....we kicked off the spring/summer neighborhood celebrations last weekend at our lovely neighbors (we'll just call them Canuks to protect their privacy). It was a great turnout and the kids had a ball! Of course, then it was 80 degrees and they could play in the sprinklers. (Unlike this weekend where the high today was 50's and dropped like an anvil throughout the day and the weather people are talking FROST tomorrow night!) I have the BEST neighbors ever! They are such fun to hang out with (and truthfully, we'll use any excuse in the world to get together and eat and drink and be merry! you can tell in the photo. That is a pic of us, the Bunco "Babes" at the St Paddy's Day edition of Bunco...complete with the green beer! LOL! )

Of course, I'm forever traumatized because of the midwest earthquake we experienced very early in the morning last week. To be honest, MM had woken me up at 1:30 am to tell me she had a bad dream. So, being a fantabulous momma, I gathered her up and we snuggled into the bed in the extra bedroom. At 4:30ish in the morning, I accused her of jumping on the bed....but to my surprise!!! I told BBC I fully expected when we moved to the Midwest to see a tornado, but he never mentioned anything about earthquakes darnit!!

My PPU have been under the weather lately with the flu! (I'm sure it's because of all this changing weather, it's's hot.....grrrr!) But, talked to Momma and they are still feeling weak, but feeling better.

Had soooo much fun tonight! Me, BL, KB and "Sumthin' Sumthin'" (LOL!) went to celebrate KB's nine-year stint at SBF and how much we miss her. We went to Luminere (the new Casino) in StL. OMG, it was so fun. Me and "Sumthin, Sumthin" stuck together cause we had no clue how to play the slots. We quickly found out and proceeded to lose $20 each! LOL, but we all had a ball. We ate at the buffet which was awesome! Really great girls night out. *Pokes KB and BL...could turn into a regular thang!!*

Ok, KB....I posted and I'm back on track!!! LOL.....*sticks out tongue*

BTW, the girls at work have taken to calling me Earl....I like it, it fits!!! LMAO!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

7 Random Things About Me.....*Laughs* like ya need any other ammo to know that I'm wierd!!!!

I saw this on KB's blog....and it got me to thinking about random things. I decided that I would tempt fate and post twice in the same day.....if anything deserves an "Oh snap!" that does....but here goes:

1) I am a true uncouth West Virginia redneck. Most of you already know this...but I can do some unclassy bodily functions on demand and clear a room! (Aren't you glad I decided to tell ya'll these things?????)

2) I only eat the Chex in Chex Mix....I throw the rest of it away. No real reason for this except that I don't like the rest of it.

3) I'm "pee in my pants" afraid of clowns! I hate 'em. I will run, cry and scream like a girl around them.

4) I'm completely clepto with ink pens! I admit it freely. If ya got a pen that I think writes good, I WILL steal it. Although I'm too much of an honest person, and I'll replace it with one of my own from my purse.

5) Even though I'm completely OCD about most things, I'm a complete slob when it comes to my own space. Just ask my husband and he will swear I HAVE to throw my clothes on the floor even though a clothes basket is right there.....*snorts* he'll get over it! LMAO!

6) I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Juicy Pear Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. They are my absolute fave!

7) I'm a "grave hopper" other words, I'm a genealogy buff and love nothing more than to tromp through the brush and backwoods to find some forgotten tombstone of one of my ancestors.....*shrugs* does that make me morbid?????

There ya in a nutshell......

Later Gators.... muscles, my poor aching muscles!!!!

Well, the world didn't come to an end....I worked out and *sigh* no Armageddon! (Just kiddin!) I am hurting in muscles I never knew I had after a week of work-outs....*laughs*, hence the "ouch, ouch, oh snap!" comments I make as I'm walking around.

Big weekend plans....the show is tomorrow and me and the other "gals" spent the day loading and unloading for it....we open up the floodgates tomorrow morning. Speaking of which, I was told to be there at 7:30 am....all I can say is....(you know it's coming)....OH SCHNAP!!!!

Actually, I look forward to the hustle and bustle, it's exciting (yes, I soo need a life....shuddup! LOL!)

(So totally off subject, but who cares....."Earl" was new tonight and was so blasted hilarious....*gigglesnort*!)

BTW, I have a new favorite thing......"Cornbread" in the morning! "The Cornbread Show" is on 92.3 WIL in St Louis. He is freakin hilarious and a redneck after my own heart. Here's the link to the radio site:

(That's for everyone but KB who complains about my redneck country station being on at work...LOL! *sticks out my tongue at KB in fun* "nana, nanna, boo, boo" (Yes, I swear I'm a grown-up!)

Anyway, I love the Cornbread Show like a fat kid loves you should check it out. Guaranteed to make the people in traffic beside you look at you like you have four heads as your laughing your butt off in traffic!.....(whew, that was a mouthful!)

And on another off-note, (have I really been "on-note" at all tonight?) congrats to my Cardinals for their win against the Rockies on Wednesday night....(rock on Ankiel and Albert! WOOHOO!) Am just so happy I could spit that Cardinals baseball is back on....and to celebrate I will share the pic of me dressed up as Albert Pujols year before last on Halloween.....all I can say is brown eyeliner is a Biatttch to get off your face after it's sat there for a couple hours.....LOL!

Later Gators.....