Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm SOOOO Proud of myself!

Been a little more than a week since I posted, *whew* has it been a whirlwind! Let's see....well, the trip to WV was probably one of the most fun and memorable trips home since we moved out to IL two and a half years ago. Probably would seem pretty boring to most people, but visited 5 cemeteries (no I'm not a morbid person, just big on genealogy! LOL!); scanned lots of family photos (think old, old photos) and best of all I got nine pages of stories and family history from my grandpa and grandma. I have NEVER heard my grandpa laugh like that and he truely seemed to enjoy telling them and having someone really interested in hearing them.

Of course, Easter was as always a great family tradition filled with great food, great family and lots of laughter and fun-filled times. In fact, I've included a couple of photos in this post, cause I'm darn proud of my family.

(By the way....I'm watching my fav show "My Name is Earl" and laughing my patootie off everytime Joy says "Ohh, S-N-A-P!" LMAO!)

Anyway, ya'll know I quit smoking about six weeks ago (pats my own self on the back...LOL!) I am very proud of myself. I've smoked since I was 16 years old (minus three months before I got preggers, during my whole pregnancy and six weeks after....I could kick myself in the arse for picking it back up after that!!!!). Needless to say, it's really is a hard habit to kick. I tried the patch, the inhaler, Chantix....but nothing seemed to do the trick. So, this year on Feb 13th I turned 35 (don't repeat that!) and I told myself that when I turned 35 that I wouldn't smoke. I'm happy to say that I haven't since then.

Back to my original thought (ADD much???), I thought since I wasn't smoking and saving money (and gaining weight like crazy) that I would join the YMCA and get into shape since I wasn't smoking anymore. Today was my first day....

I have to say, that I really enjoyed I may not be able to walk in the morning, but it wasn't as bad as I thought (even though I smell like old gym socks....LOL!) Hopefully this work-out thing will stick!!!

Anyway, quickly wanted that say glad "Peach" is feeling better and back at work, had fun working with her the other day. Big weekend coming up with the show....if I live through it, I'll continue to post....LMAO! Later gaters!

*giggles* Oh SNAP! (LOL....I had to do it!!!!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello from the Hills of WV!

Hello, Hello from Wild Beautiful West Virginia! Me and MM drove allllll day, but we finally made it to my PPU's house. Boy, it was so great getting momma and daddy hugs after so long being away.

(BTW, on the offnote.....during the nearly 8-hour trip, there was a 30-MINUTE PERIOD where I DIDN'T have to use my windshield wipers on high like it was raining hellfire and brimstone!) There was sooo much flooding! At times, it looked like we were driving down the highway with rivers to each side of the car!!! Am glad that the farmer's haven't planted yet or it would be disasterous!

Anyway, am so enjoying being back at mom and dads. I believe you could be gone for years and years and the minute you walk in the door, you're "Home!" (even though I miss BBC so so so much *pouts*)....think I'll go call him and whisper sweet nothings!!! *GRINS*

Laters gaters!

Monday, March 17, 2008

1. What's his name?
BBC aka my Bobby Bear Cat
2. How long have you been married?
will be three years in August
3. How long did you date?
we began talking in February, he proposed in May and we married in August (all of the same year!)
4. How old is he?
He is 55, I'm 35 and we have more in common that couples that are only a few months apart!
5. Who eats more?
Since we have both quit smoking in February, I believe that we tie each other in how much better food tastes nowadays!
6. Who said "I love you" first?
I believe he did, quickly followed by mine....we both had felt it for a few weeks...he was the braver!
7. Who is smarter?
BBC definitely is! He's a government accountant and has an inane ability to retain what he calls "totally useless trivia" which hopefully will win us tons of money on Jeopardy someday!
8.Whose temper is worse? being Irish/German and him being a red-headed German....I think that one is a draw!
9.Who does the laundry?
It is a dual effort, I will do it sometimes, but if I've worked on my feet all day.....BBC is a wonderful laundry guy!
10.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
BBC.....because I'm a left handed girl. We always seem to find ourselves entwined during the night and his C-pap blows sweet nothings in my ear....*grins*
11.Who pays the bills?
It's a combined effort. He pays the majority online and I will write out the checks for those that don't pay online. (Although he knows I'm HORRIBLE when it comes to money!....I've never balanced a checkbook in nearly 18 years!)
12.Who cooks dinner?
Dual effort again....if I've worked all day on the weekends BBC will cook, if I'm at home during the day and he's at work...I do the duty....more times than most, it's "yes, Pizza please" LOL!
13.Who drives when you are in the same car?
Again, another toss up! Either/or...
14.Who is more stubborn?
*Laughs* again, its a toss up....I can be sooo pig-headed, but don't tell him I said so..but so can he!
15.Whose parents do you see the most?
Mine (and we don't see them often enough!)....sad to say, that his passed away before I knew him. Mine live in WV and we're in we don't get to see them as often as we'd like.
16.Who proposed?
He did. He dropped to his knee after carousing me into the jewelry store "just to try rings on for kicks"...of course, I burst into happy tears right in front of the entire store and said "yes, yes, a million times yes!"
17. Who has more friends?
I think we both have an equal amount of "true" friends. We both tend to be friendly, but guarded when we completely open up with people to become "true" friends.
18. Who has more siblings?
*Laughs* again a tie, he has one do I. His is older by two years, mine is younger by four.
19. Who wears the pants in the family?
I don't think either of us "wear the pants". We approach decisions together and we work through them together. We both take each other's input with respect and equal judgement. Again, I say we're perfectly suited! LOL!

Grr....I hate being Blog Stupid!

Ok....I'm extremely blog stupid because I've tried to link to my new favorite blogs....namely KB and the "other" Amy and I canna figure it out daggonnit! KB tried to instruct me this morning but that was sooo many hours ago that my brain musta had a couple of "fart sequences" and forgot! (Sorry KB...I'll keep trying!)

Anywho, today is one of my "FAVORITEST" days of the year....St. Patrick's Day of course, and anyone who knows me knows that I embrace my Irish heritage most of all. I think it has something to do with the love of beer and the fiery temper, but *shrugs* who knows. Anyway, I was a rebel and wore green today instead of the customary red, but the BL didn't seem to mind at all.

I want to say, thank God for Jimmy John's and their ability to deliver to gals who happen to be in the shop by myself for the majority of my shift. (BTW, the tuna sub is to die for...but I'm sure the customers didn't appreciate it much!) Of course, the cute little delivery guy should be thanking me, I was so hungry that I tipped him $4 for bringing it to me! LOL!

(BTW, I know this blog is jumping around like Mexican jumping beans....but it's almost 11pm and I'm sooo hyper that I know I won't be in bed before bear with me!)

My buddy, OJ (not the one that did those bad things in CA and denied it even though we all knew he was guilty).....anyway, my buddy OJ, is under the weather and has been in the hospital for a few days recovering so I want to send healing prayers and thoughts his way and the hopes that I get to take advantage of his "ill" state when I come home later this week to talk his leg off because he can't escape in his weakened state! *cue maniacial laughter*

Yes, I'm traveling home this week to spend the Easter holiday with my family. I'm so excited to see them all, since it's been since Christmas since I have seen any of them....but truthfully, I look so forward to Momma's goodness, that woman was blessed with a golden spatula. She is a wonderful cook....and my dimpled butt and thighs are just aching to taste her cooking.....LOL!

And on the totally off subject.....(do ya think I have attention deficit disorder? I'm thinking so!!!) can I tell you how much I hate the "newest" swing jackets that are the "in" thing this season? Just so ya know, I hated maternity clothes when I was ACTUALLY preggers, don't really want people thinking I am again! *BLECH* those things are soooo fugly (a word + ugly....the word would cause my momma to slap my face, so I won't say it! LMAO!)

Like I said, my thoughts are kinda scattered due to my hyper state....I apologize! I'm off to ground myself by watching several episodes of "My Name is Earl"......*giggles* Later gaters!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

OH SNAP! (*gigglesnort*) No post since Mar 9th......ARRGH!

I haven't posted for a couple of few days (I know, I know KB it's been a few more than that....*winks* but I'm gonna try to make up for it.

Lotsa Lotsa going on....wish it was more exciting but here goes. Let's see, BL (the boss Lady)has been working my tootsies off and I'm enjoying it and besides it gets me out of doing laundry and much needed housework. Learned that a friend is leaving SBF (where I work) which makes me very :( but I know that she is happy as a lark so I'll be happy for her too, but I'll miss her like a fat kid misses cake! I know that she will keep an eye on my blog and come in to cuff me around the side of the head if I don't post regularly. (*huggers to KB!) BL did hire a new gal this week, and she seems like a real peach although AF trusted me to show her the ropes (Oh snap! No pressure! LOL!) I think she will fit in nicely with the peeps I work with and will get along well with this 'ol redneck chick.

Speaking of 'ol redneck chick, I posted on my fav's list that my favorite saying is "Oh Snap!" from those "My name is Earl" ads I've been seeing every 15 min on TV. Well, I investigated the show further by watching a couple of episodes....OMG! I nearly peed my pants laughing and almost shed a tear because I actually know people like that back home in WV! It is fartin hilarious! So, being the tried and true redneck that I am, I went out and bought the seasons on DVD. Needless to say, there has been a lot of laughter and some near wetting of pants in my house this weekend. *WAY LOUD GIGGLESNORTS* The show is so UN-politically correct that you have to laugh at it, even if it is crass and lacks all hint of class (*sniff, sniff...kinda reminds me of myself!) Anyway, the show has made it onto my updated favorite things!

Me and BBC (my pet name for hubby) had a "date day" yesterday since we were both off work and the MM (mini-me aka the daughter) was at school. In true redneck fashion, we went to the core places..... JCPenney, Home Depot and Sam's! Actually, we had a really nice time hanging out together and spending money like water!

Anyway, since it's 2am and I'm wide awake...think I'll watch some "Earl"! LMAO! Later gaters...

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blah! Blah! and more Blah!

I've read over my blog.....and boy, do I sooo need a life. I just realized what a completely boring individual I am! But at least KB loves me, because it only took me a year plus to create the blog she's been onto me to create! (*grinnnns at KB)

Let's see, OHHH! I had so much fun last night. I went to a Pampered Chef party and realized that I own most of the catalog, but still managed to buy $30 worth of stuff I just HAD to have! LOL! Afterward, a few of us stayed and cropped (Thanx AR!). I can't believe I ACTUALLY got a page done....yes, just one....but that is a big accomplishment for me. Besides, I got to show my friends my new Cricut, which is always a good thing. We (myself and the gals who were cropping) decided that we need to have a monthly crop since we have such a great time when we do. I so hope we do, because even the bestest of mommies and wives need some "big girl" time with their friends!

Today, was hectic. Worked most of the day and geez louise it was busy. Actually, I like that because it makes the day go faster. Well, off to make page kits.....laters!!!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Rant, rave and generally being ticked off!

According to my hubby, I am evil today! LOL! (Just thought ya ought to know just in case I rant more than usual!) I don't think I'm especially hateful *snorts*. Anyway, just got back from a fantastic fun evening. I went to a Pampered Chef party at my friend Amy's and a couple of us stayed after the party and cropped. It was soooo needed. Don't get me wrong, I love spending time with my family but every mom needs some "big girl" time! To be honest, I personally only got one page done, but it was the conversation that was so great. We decided that we need to have a "croppin' queen" group and do this at least once a month. (Yay!)

Ok, now for the rant. This is something that has bothered me for a while now and I really haven't said much to anyone about it....but as my hubby says I'm evil today so here goes! I absolutely despise when the media blames the erratic, phsychotic behavior of a person (obviously troubled) on the fact that their "bipolar". I mean, "bipolar disorder" has been blamed for Brittany's wild behavior, it was the reason that chick drowned her kids in the bathtub. I hear stories all the time on the news and/or in the paper about people committing these heinous crimes and something will be said or typed "they have bipolar disorder". It infuriates me!

Most people know that I was diagnosed as having "bipolar disorder" when I was 26 (which means 9 years ago!). In that time, I have never once shaved my head, wanted to hurt my own child or anyone else's, committed any offense against anyone or myself. To me, "bipolar" has become an excuse to try to come to grips with why someone is acting or does something completely off their rocker. It isn't really fair to those of us who actually HAVE bipolar disorder and live with it every day. It also, in my opinion, gives everyone else the wrong idea about people who ACTUALLY HAVE bipolar disorder. I've never hidden it, because I'm proud of sucessfully LIVING with bipolar. I'm proud of what I've overcome since being diagnosed and to me, that is NO reason to be shameful.

*whew* glad to get that off my chest, don't know about everyone else, but I feel better! LOL!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

I'm posting again...*Sticks out tounge at those pessimists*

Day 2 in the "Boring Life Blog"...still seeing "Dead People", was up until 3am this morning chasing a Revolutionary War ancestor.

Yesterday was spent enjoying the warmer weather (somewhat!) I DID spend the day outside, but it was spent scooping up Dog Do in the backyard that I have been avoiding for a while now and splitting wood for the upcoming "Return of Winter" storm we're supposed to get. Now that I am "prepared" we won't see one speck of snow, by the way.

I think the women in the neighborhood think I give us females a bad name...I scoop poop, I mow grass and use the weedwhacker AND I split wood....LOL, I'd make a fine husband wouldn't I? Some of my neighborhood friends have told me in the past "Hey could ya ease up on all the outdoors husband actually asked 'Hey why don't you....' ". Truth of the matter, I love being outdoors and working hard. It makes the end of the day seem like I've actually LIVED in it....instead of sitting in front of the TV all day (and believe me, I have enough of those days!) Hubby offers to do those things, but I get angry at him if he does! I LIKE doing it, besides the sore muscles gives me something to complain about the next day! LOL!

So, what's on my agenda this upcoming week....hmm, lots of excitement here. Possible snow storm, no school on Monday so the munchkin will have to accompany me to work for part of the day....(sorry KB! LOL!) and today....on the search for new jeans. (Call me a PARTY ANIMAL!)

The new jeans are a result of....shrinking my others in the wash, yeah, that's it *snorts* or the fact that I'm a little fluffier since I quit smoking. But that's okay, the heart attack from being obese will kill me instead of the lung cancer right? (Ok, maybe that was a little too much morbid humor....I need to get out more! LOL!)