Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm SOOOO Proud of myself!

Been a little more than a week since I posted, *whew* has it been a whirlwind! Let's see....well, the trip to WV was probably one of the most fun and memorable trips home since we moved out to IL two and a half years ago. Probably would seem pretty boring to most people, but visited 5 cemeteries (no I'm not a morbid person, just big on genealogy! LOL!); scanned lots of family photos (think old, old photos) and best of all I got nine pages of stories and family history from my grandpa and grandma. I have NEVER heard my grandpa laugh like that and he truely seemed to enjoy telling them and having someone really interested in hearing them.

Of course, Easter was as always a great family tradition filled with great food, great family and lots of laughter and fun-filled times. In fact, I've included a couple of photos in this post, cause I'm darn proud of my family.

(By the way....I'm watching my fav show "My Name is Earl" and laughing my patootie off everytime Joy says "Ohh, S-N-A-P!" LMAO!)

Anyway, ya'll know I quit smoking about six weeks ago (pats my own self on the back...LOL!) I am very proud of myself. I've smoked since I was 16 years old (minus three months before I got preggers, during my whole pregnancy and six weeks after....I could kick myself in the arse for picking it back up after that!!!!). Needless to say, it's really is a hard habit to kick. I tried the patch, the inhaler, Chantix....but nothing seemed to do the trick. So, this year on Feb 13th I turned 35 (don't repeat that!) and I told myself that when I turned 35 that I wouldn't smoke. I'm happy to say that I haven't since then.

Back to my original thought (ADD much???), I thought since I wasn't smoking and saving money (and gaining weight like crazy) that I would join the YMCA and get into shape since I wasn't smoking anymore. Today was my first day....

I have to say, that I really enjoyed I may not be able to walk in the morning, but it wasn't as bad as I thought (even though I smell like old gym socks....LOL!) Hopefully this work-out thing will stick!!!

Anyway, quickly wanted that say glad "Peach" is feeling better and back at work, had fun working with her the other day. Big weekend coming up with the show....if I live through it, I'll continue to post....LMAO! Later gaters!

*giggles* Oh SNAP! (LOL....I had to do it!!!!)

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Kathy said...

I am happy to hear that you had a great Easter while back home.

Isn't grave hopping fun? Once you start doing genealogy you never look at a cemetery the same way again. I always look at them, and think to myself "I could have a relative buried there and not even know it!"

Have fun working out! You know you are going to catch "heck" from "L" at work for not joining Gold's Gym! LOL

You're gonna be in trouble! You're gonna be in TROUBLE! Nannie Nannie Boo Boo! ROFL!

Tootles Girlie!