Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello from the Hills of WV!

Hello, Hello from Wild Beautiful West Virginia! Me and MM drove allllll day, but we finally made it to my PPU's house. Boy, it was so great getting momma and daddy hugs after so long being away.

(BTW, on the offnote.....during the nearly 8-hour trip, there was a 30-MINUTE PERIOD where I DIDN'T have to use my windshield wipers on high like it was raining hellfire and brimstone!) There was sooo much flooding! At times, it looked like we were driving down the highway with rivers to each side of the car!!! Am glad that the farmer's haven't planted yet or it would be disasterous!

Anyway, am so enjoying being back at mom and dads. I believe you could be gone for years and years and the minute you walk in the door, you're "Home!" (even though I miss BBC so so so much *pouts*)....think I'll go call him and whisper sweet nothings!!! *GRINS*

Laters gaters!


Amy said...

I'm so glad you made it there safely..Hope you enjoy your holiday weekend with your family..!

Kathy said...

Have a happy, fun-filled Easter! Don't eat too much home baked yumminess! AWWWWWW what the heck! Eat all kinds of home baked yumminess! That's what holidays are for! LOL

Ginny said...

Hoppy Easter Amy. Enjoy your time with your PPU and MM.