Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh SNAP! *Hides Face from KB*

Holy Toledo! I haven't posted since the end of April??? *Gasp* KB has surely been cursin' me because my ears have been burnin'! LOL!

In my defense, I have been out of town for the last 10 days.....I know, I know what about the other 25+ days.....*whistles a tune to change the subject*

I just returned from an extended trip to my hometown in West Virginia....10 days to be exact and I've been re-rednecked! *LMAO* No, honestly...I had a great time visiting with momma and daddy and all the rest of the family. *sniff, sniff* my darlin MM is staying the summer with the grandparents.....and I miss her terribly already!!! I know she's havin a great time because she can't even take the time to talk to her ol' momma on the phone! Grrrr....little minx!

But, happily I'm back home with hugs and kisses to BBC....don't tell anyone, but I think he missed me! *grins* I can't wait to get back to the routine (I guess that says something about my severe OCD!) One of the perks of my West Virginia home, Daddy planted strawberries. He gathered 26 gallons (yes, I said GALLONS!) in TWO DAYS! Needless to say, we stemmed strawberries until our fingers were blood red! Luckily, I brought a five-gallon bucket of fresh, ripe, home-grown strawberries home. YUMMERS!

I got treated to home-made Strawberry Refrigerator Cake (if you haven't had it, I'm including the recipe and it is soooo yummy!) and also a "made from scratch" Strawberry Shortcake. (Of course, I didn't make it....umm, hello....I'm so kitchen challenged! Momma made it!) In case you are wondering, my behind is twice the size it was since I left.....hence me getting my hiney up at 5am to go to the YMCA tomorrow morning! LOL!

Momma and I visited three of our favorite stores.....Goodwill, Goodwill and yet another Goodwill! We found some fantabulous deals! (Did I need any of it? Nope....but it sure was fun!)

Anywho, my new passion.....taking very close-up pics of flowers, bugs, nature, etc in macro mode.....needless to say, I've accumulated several over the course of 10 days....not too shabby if I do say so myself! Tell me what you think of them....a few are attached.

*yawn* Time for bed.....


***Strawberry Refrigerator Cake Link:

****Pictures of Flowers to follow....they aren't through downloading yet.....LOL!

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Kathy said...

WELL! Knock me over with a feather! I just about gave up on you!

YUMMY strawberries! I LOVE them! I have already made strawberry shortcake several times year! OOOO DROOLING now!

I will have to try the recipe you posted!

Welcome home! Now, stay on the BALL! GEEZ! What's a girl supposed to do with her spare time?